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Best Customer Service in the Industry

I had a major problem that I needed solved. And that was separating my company from my competition. There is no shortage of moving companies, and most of them offer the same services. The big point I wanted to get across to potential customers is that we’re not a run-of-the-mill moving company, because we specialize in moving jobs that require special care, and precision, such as moving pianos, very expensive art, sculpture, and antique furniture. Before I approached T&T Web Services, I spoke to several web-design companies and asked them how they would solve my problem and separate me from the hundreds of moving companies advertising virtually the same services. None of them had a solution that was unique, which was very upsetting. But Ruslan Bershtein, T&T Web Services’ CEO, knew exactly what was needed. And it took him less than 15 minutes to come up with a solution that made sense. The answer was not dwelling on our moving services, and history, but stressing superior customer service. More importantly, he said that I had to personalize it, humanize it by putting my face on the website. In short, customers would see that they weren’t dealing with another mechanized moving company, but with a company where you work with the owner who was going to make sure that the job was done perfectly. To use Ruslan’s words, “People are turned off by dealing with mechanized, computerized order takers, and robotic-sounding salespeople. They want to deal with human beings who care.” And if you’re moving a 100-year-old piano that’s worth more than $35,000, customers want to deal with the top guy, the owner. He was right. It seemed like such a simple solution – yet no one thought of it before. So the website was designed around that important selling theme. And it paid off immediately. As far as I’m concerned, T&T Web Services is the best in their business.

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